Wellbeing for Educators

Wellbeing for Educators

Good mental wellbeing is so important for everyone. It helps us cope with life’s pressures and make positive choices.

Here at the Foundation, we’re focusing our investment, expertise and resources to support better mental wellbeing, and especially for young people and their educators.

We’re working with educators to share our wellbeing coaching – it’s practical, evidence-based and can help make a positive difference.

About Wellbeing for Educators

Wellbeing for Educators is designed in partnership with a leading clinical psychologist to help keep your energy up and your mood stable, particularly when life gets tough. It provides practical tools based on three building blocks:

Physiology   how exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation and connecting with friends and family can positively affect your energy

Choices   recognising where you may have slipped into bad habits and helping you make smart choices to preserve and boost your energy
Mindset   sustaining a positive attitude for better wellbeing

How it works

Our training programme launches in September 2020 and will be delivered in two 60-90 minute workshops.  The first session will be for your school’s Senior Leadership Team and the follow-up workshop will be for wider staff, including all educators and support staff.

For the best results we encourage you to embed the programme into the school’s ways of working and our trained coaches can provide follow up support and materials to help with this.

  1. Register interest
  2. Arrange workshops
  3. Senior Leadership Team workshop
  4. All staff workshop(s)
  5. Embed and sustain

Wellbeing for Educators was developed in partnership with The Mitchell Practice and it is not permitted to be used for commercial gain