Healthy Futures - Empowering young adults

Important guidance for applicants

Please read this guidance before submitting your application. When you are ready, submit your application using the online application form below.

Through the Healthy Futures funding programme the Bupa UK Foundation is looking to fund practical projects designed to support and empower young adults aged 18 to 25 who face ongoing health challenges, helping them to live life to the full. If you decide to apply, please make sure that your project clearly fits the following criteria:
  • Supports young adults aged 18 to 25 who face ongoing health challenges.
  • Focuses on addressing, supporting or improving health and wellbeing.
  • Provides evidence of the specific needs that the project aims to address.
  • Explains how those who will benefit will be reached and engaged.
  • Includes details of how the health outcomes and impact of the project will be measured.
When deciding which projects to fund we focus on the difference a project is likely to make to people's health and wellbeing and how this will be evidenced, using simple and realistic measures. We also consider how those who will benefit from the project will be reached and engaged.

Within this funding programme we are looking to support a range of projects delivered by different organisations across the UK and expect to award around 12 to 15 grants.

        Before you apply

        Before you invest time and energy on your application, please make sure you have read the guidance for applicants on this page, our Eligibility Criteria and the Frequently Asked Questions, which outline our approach to funding.

        The majority of grants awarded by the Bupa UK Foundation are for £20,000 and under. A handful of projects are likely to receive grants falling within the £20,000 to £50,000 range, with one or two projects receiving grants of over £50,000. You are advised to apply for the level of funding you think your project requires to the deliver the outputs and impact you outline in your application.

        The Bupa UK Foundation funds projects and initiatives that make a direct impact on people's health and wellbeing in the UK. Your application should relate to a specific project, not 'business as usual' or core costs. Successful grant recipients will receive an additional 15% of the total amount of grant funding as a contribution towards core costs.

        Please note that only one application will be considered per organisation. If your organisation is part of or affiliated to a national organisation, body or network, we strongly encourage you to contact your national office or HQ to find out whether there are plans to submit an application ‎on behalf of the national network before you make a start on your own application.

        Areas of work that the Bupa UK Foundation does not fund
        We know that many organisations and individuals are looking for funding to deliver a wide range of valuable and worthwhile work, but there are a number of areas which are not eligible for funding from the Bupa UK Foundation. These include:
        • work that does not fall within the scope of the Bupa UK Foundation's charitable purposes
        • work that is not clearly aligned with the stated funding priorities of a specific funding programme
        • projects delivered outside of the UK
        • long-term projects and initiatives – we expect the vast majority of projects funded to be delivered within 12 to 18 months
        • work being delivered by local authorities or housing associations
        • work which might reasonably be eligible for funding from statutory bodies
        • general awareness or information campaigns
        • sponsorship of or attendance at meetings, events and conferences
        • fundraising appeals, including requests for contributions to capital or equipment costs
        • unrestricted funding for charities or other organisations
        • educational bursaries or grants for university or postgraduate education, school trips or projects, gap year or elective projects
        • academic research, including funding for educational or research posts

        Submitting your application

        All applications must be submitted through the online application system which you will find below. Applications are not accepted by email. The closing date for applications for this funding programme is midnight on Friday 19 May 2017.

        We assess applications as they are received, so the earlier you submit your application, the sooner it will be assessed. We aim to respond to all applicants within 6 weeks of the closing date.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: The online application system does not automatically save your data. We have therefore provided a template (see box on the right) to help you prepare and draft your application. Once you are ready, you should copy and paste the information from the template into the system below to submit your application. If we receive an incomplete application we will let you know, but incomplete applications will not be progressed.

        If you get an error message, please check that your application is:
        • Within the allocated word limit for each section (Note: bullet points count toward the word limit, so if this is an issue please remove bullet points).
        • Only includes round numbers to present your proposed costs. Please do not include decimal points or add words to explain costs. An indication of costs is all that is required at this stage.
        • Does not include any social media tags, hyperlinks or detailed web references.